About Blue MOuntain Raw

Our Commitment to Quality

Our products are sourced from CFIA & HACCP inspected facilities and contain no hormones, antibiotics, binders, fillers or preservatives. As close to a biologically appropriate diet as possible.


  • 100% Made in Ontario
  • 100% Guaranteed Fresh Product
  • 100% Government Inspected Meats
  • Convenient & Pre-Portioned
  • Closely Following the 80-10-10 model
Meet Kirsten & Louie

About Us

We are a family owned local business that was born after trying everything we could possibly think of to get rid of our Mini Schnauzer Louie’s allergies, his paws were always red and he was constantly licking them. After rounds of different medications, Vet recommended kibble and topical creams nothing seemed to help. I decided to research raw dog food and found great resources like Dr Karen Becker and we haven’t looked back!

We know that reducing our own intake of processed and enriched foods helps to increase our health and wellness, why wouldn’t be the same for our pets?  It really hit me on holiday with my family when we toured the Animal Kingdom at Disney and the kitchen where all the animals meals were made was on full display and it was all fresh foods!

Our mission at Blue Mountain Raw is to empower pet parents by providing easy to order, convenient access to top quality locally sourced nutrition and all-natural treats that will enable their pets to live healthier, happier lives thriving not just surviving!