Frozen Treats

Chicken wing tip$6.002Lb
Pork riblets$6.002Lb
Marrow bones cut$8.252 pieces
Lamb neck bones$9.502Lb
Chicken livers$6.50 1Lb
Chicken hearts$6.50 1Lb
Chicken gizzard$6.50 1Lb
Chicken feet$15.00 -5Lb bag
Duck feet$3.70 1lb$15.00 -5Lb bag
Turkey necks$3.751Lb
Chicken necks7.97-2Lb bag
Beef rib bone$3.751Lb
Dino bone$20.001 bone
Green Tripe$3.751Lb

Dehydrated Treats

Fish chips (salmon)$8.0070gm
Whitefish fillets$11.00170gm
Salmon jerky$10.00114gm
Beef lung$9.00114gm
Beef liver$9.00114gm
Beef heart$9.00114gm
Beef tripe$12.00100gm
Sweet potato chips$6.00100gm
Bully sticks$4.506"-8" 1 piece
Thin bully sticks$6.9712" 1 piece
Bully sticks$13.7712" 1 piece
Beef trachea$15.00200gm
Duck neck$12.00170gm
Duck feet$9.0010 pieces
Chicken neck$8.00200gm
Chicken feet$8.5010 pieces

* Some products are special orders and require 1 -2 weeks to arrive pre-paid.

All prices are subject to change and exclude HST.



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